Welcome to the Charles Town West Virginia Chapter of the American Payroll Association (CTWV-APA).  CTWV-APA is the first chapter in West Virginia and affiliated with the APA in April 2010.

CTWV-APA is dedicated to providing an opportunity for networking, educational growth and community outreach to payroll professionals in West Virginia.

June  6, 2014 Chapter Meeting

Meeting Topic: Internal Controls in the Payroll Department
Presented by:  Jennifer Files, CPA, CFE

1) Fraud Risk in Payroll Department
  a) Payroll fraud statistics
  b) Most common schemes
  c) Payroll concepts
  d) Identify risks
  e) Protect yourself, company and employees
2) Steps to Preventing Payroll Fraud
  a) Background checks
  b) Limit access
  c) Segregation of duties
  d) Review
  e) Positive pay services
  f) ACH filters
  g) Promote direct deposit
3) Payroll Fraud Detection Techniques
  a) Analytical procedures
  b) Substantive tests
4) Case Study/Examples

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Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference
October 9-10, 2014
Springfield, Virginia
For more information visit the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference website.

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